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Spiffy Dog Photo Competition Winner
Finalist in the 2009 Spiffy Dog photo competition
To celebrate the launch of the new website Xtra Dog, in conjunction with the Xtra Dog Facebook Page, we are launching our 2011 photographic competition. Here's your chance to show off your fantastic dog/s to the world and at the same time have the chance of winning one of 4 Xtra Dog Doggy Bags full of fantastic goodies from our website. Each catagory is being judged by a well known personality in the dog world and the winners and all winners and runners up will have thier photographes displayed in a gallery on our website for all our visitors to see. We have 4 exciting catagories The Spiffiest Spiffy Dog being judged by TV personality and Tellington TTouch instructor Sarah Fisher, The Cutest Sled Dog being judged by Siberian Husky breeder and Siberian Husky Club GB (Welfare) fund raising coordinator Tessa Wakeling, The dog the Judge Would Most Like To Take Home being judged by the well-known dog behaviourist and Tellington TTouch practitioner Marie Miller. Finally once the judges have decided the winners and the runners up in each catagory you will get the chance to vote for the title of Xtra Dog Best in Show 2011. The winner will get a fantastic Xtra Dog Doggy Bag and  a small trophy. You can enter as many catagories and as often as you wish. There is no cost to enter.

Click read more to read full details of the competition, biographies of our judges and details of how to enter.




The well respected website Labradors International reviewed the Spiffy Dog Air Collar. Monty the chocolate Labrador gave our collar a thorough Lab Test, these were the results...

"I’m pretty sure you’ve had problems with smelly dog collars at some time or other writes Leslie Howard from Labradors International. Actually, what am I saying!? Of course you have, this is a site about Labradors and chances are, you’re here because you share your life with a Lab! They love water. They love mud. They love rolling in nasty things that we can’t even put a name to! Of course your Lab's collar stinks!!!! I’d heard the Spiffy Dog Air Collar could be an answer to this problem so Monty and I put it to the test ..."


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huskies-webXtra Dog is thrilled to be announcing some very special events this year. Huskies on Tour 2011 with the Siberian Husky Club GB (Welfare) and Marie Miller Live, in conjunction with Paws ‘n’ Learn Training.This summer these events are being run thanks to the generous support of our friends at Aztec Events, the home of All about Dogs and the Robin Hood Game and Country Show. Xtra Dog also has some very special guests in our tent at the Kent Country Show, the NSARDA Cantech Seach and Rescue Dogs. Click read more to find out about these fantastic events and where you can come and see them.















After a warm afternoon, Curt Perano of New Zealand finished Race to the Sky 350 Mile Race with 11 strong dogs at 3:27 p.m. this afternoon US mountain time. The following three teams will be in later this afternoon, the next team probably at around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m.  The trail is slow and warm temperatures have slowed things down a bit. The Xtra Dog reporter in Montana, Pam Beckstrom, will have a full report in the next 24 hours, but we thought you might want the result hot off the press.

Curt and his wife Fleur moved with their five Alaskan Malamutes in 2007 to the United States from New Zealand, where they have run dogs recreationally since 1998. Since late 2007 they have trained with and handled for Jamie Nelson in Togo, Minnesota. Over the last three years they have built their own team and now have a kennel of 37, consisting of six Malamutes and the others are Alaskan Huskies

Marshalling the race are Jack and Pam Beckstrom, who make the fantastic Zima harnesses that Xtra Dog are proud to sell. Their company has been making these harnesses for more than 50 years and in fact invented the x-back. Jack has competed in the race himself and has come second twice. He was one of the founders of the race and was chairman for 11 years. Jack has contributed a huge amount to the race and to the whole Montana dog sledding scene.

To find out more about the race, please click the read more for the latest from the race. To view photos please click here and view images on our Facebook page.



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